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'Please' 'Broken Little Songs' - Genre: 'Indie' - Release Date: '2006' Our Rating: Upon the first sip of Please's "Broken Little Songs," when the rush of quirky, driving guitars...[MORE]        — Adam Harrington
PLEASE the band by giving PLEASE a listen. hotel_cafe_may2007.jpg I wasn’t sure what to make of this band when I first gave it a listen via the website (, youtube, myspace, etc....[MORE]
Please Broken Little Songs Self-Released One can only guess that the title is in reference to the number of heartbroken songs on this album as there is nothing disjointed about this record's flow.... [MORE] — Kyrby Raine
Power pop a la Big Star and the Posies but with jagged edges and jazzy horns. [3.8.07] The Los Angeles group Please do not redefine power pop as much as simply putting their own take on the genre...[MORE] — Michael Sutton

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